Florida 7514 Tomato

May 31st, 2010

Q:  I wanted to send you pictures of my Florida 7514 tomato plants.  Both plants are loaded with tomatoes.  Tasted my 1st one last night and had very good flavor.  Fruit appear to be between 6-8 oz size.  Will let you know about Bacterial Wilt if it occurs.




A:  Thanks for sharing your pictures.  Your plants look great.  We are seeing Bacterial Wilt so it has started.  (Florida 7514 is one of the two Bacterial Wilt resistant varieties Naylors grew this year along with BHN669).  Anyone else wanting to share pictures from their gardens please send them and we will post them on www.naylorsbr.com.  We would like to know the variety of the plant and any comments about growth habits and taste you want to share.  Unfortunately Naylors is out of Florida 7514 seed and plants for this year.  We do have a good selection of heat set tomato varieties available.

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